The be.tween Theatre Fest takes place on the Kulturkosmos site in Lärz, Mecklenburg Vorpommern. This is roughly between Hamburg and Berlin on the Müritz lake district.

If you are travelling by train, the Brandenburg ticket is the best choice from Berlin and Brandenburg, for example, or the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ticket from Hamburg. From Neustrelitz you can continue your journey with our shuttle buses for 4 euros each.

Here are the times for the shuttle buses:

Friday, 10.09.
09am – 08pm
Saturday, 11.09.
09am – 01pm
05pm – 08pm
Sunday, 12.09.
10am – 01pm
05pm – 08pm
Monday, 13.09.
10am – 02pm

The Bassliner will take you directly from Hamburg and Berlin to the be.tween theatre festival. Tickets are now available at


Please leave your dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goldfish and other animals at home. According to official regulations, the event site as well as the food stands are off-limits for dogs. Dogs brought along must therefore remain on the campsite.

Barrier-free camping

As always, there will be the possibility to camp and to use sanitary facilities barrier-free. Please contact us in advance at barrierefrei(at)


Barrier-free access

The festival is at ground level. There are hardly no steps or other obstacles to the entrance of the hangars and venues. All venues are connected by paved and sanded paths. The toilets between the Tube and the Luftschloss have a wheelchair accessible toilet. Please note: if you can present a valid disability pass, (German disability passes need a “B”) the person accompanying you may enter the festival for free.


With the day ticket for the be.tween Theatre Fest it is possible to stay overnight on our camping site one night before and after the event day. We will announce the opening hours of the camping areas here on the website shortly. The camping area is located on the "Insel" around the lake and is completely fenced in. Only ticket holders can enter the camping area and stay overnight. For those of you who prefer accommodation in the surrounding area, we recommend the local tourist information offices in Röbel, Mirow or Rechlin, which can help you find a suiting such.

Cash machine

You will find an ATM near the barrier/entrance at the pedestrian bridge. The fees are EUR 3.95 for each transaction.

Children and young adults

There will be a Kids Space for children and a reduced children's programme. We expect everyone arriving with children to be aware of their responsibilities and make their own arrangements for childcare. All children from the age of 3 and before the age of 13 need a children's day ticket for 15,- Euro. The contingent of children's tickets is limited and they will be raffled off in connection with the adult ticket. The visitor-limited evening shows are not suitable for children under 13 and are not included in the children's ticket. Other shows are also age-restricted and some are not suitable for young children. Please pay attention to the information in the programme. All children who are already 13 years old on September 3, 2021 must place an order for an adult day ticket, which costs 70,- Euro. There will be no programme for children between 0 and 3 years of age - they do not need a ticket and do not need to be specified when placing an order. Even though children are welcome at the be.tween Theatre Fest, they are only allowed to enter the festival site when accompanied by an adult. In any case, please observe the guidelines for the protection of children and minors, which apply on our camping and festival site. From 10 p.m. onwards, all persons under the age of 18 must leave the festival site.


Drones and other flying camera shit are not welcome at the be.tween Theatre Fest. Please leave them at home. Otherwise the expensive toys will disappear from of the sky sooner than you think.


We open the gates to the festival area on Friday at 11:00 am. On Sunday at 24:00 the programm ends and the festival area closes.


At the be.tween Theatre Fest there is a colourful selection of food stalls that will provide you with the best vegetarian delicacies. You will find them around the Dubstation, and the Seebühne. Drinks are available at the various bars. There is also a small market with home made treasures and clothing.



The be.tween Theatre Fest is supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


The be.tween Theatre Fest Guide is available free of charge at the entrance together with your entry ticket. In the guide you will find a map, the programme and the timetable.


You will find people who know almost everything and can help you with your questions at the Infopoint opposite the Kinohangar.


You enter the festival at your own risk. The be.tween Theater Fest and the Kulturkosmos e.V. can not be held accountable, nor are liable for any material damage that may occur on site, for example during an artistic performance.


Nationally minded scumbags and die-hards of any kind are not welcome nor allowed entrance.



Of course you can take photos for private use of your experiences. We urge you to handle your photos and films responsibly, so that the right to your own image is respected. Please take care not to disturb the artists in the performances with your photographs (flash, etc.). The best memories remain in the heart, not on a microchip. We also have some professional photographers who will be on the festival site during the festival, and whose pictures you can see later on our website.


Please send your press enquiries directly to: presse(at)


Hot showers are available in the camping area and on the festival site behind the Luftschloss. Lovers of cold refreshments can have a cold shower at the Shower Tower or jump into the lake on the Insel - but without shampoo, soap or similar. You can find the exact locations on the map in the Festival Guide.


This year, like every year, there will be buses to take you from Neustrelitz to Kulturkosmos and back for 4 €. Look out for them at the station - you can not miss them.

Test concept

In the course of planning for the Fusion Festival, we have bought a mobile high-performance laboratory for PCR diagnostics. You can find the details of the test and hygiene concept for the be.tween theatre festival here.


There are various toilet sites on the festival and camping area with a choice of portable toilets, composting toilets or flush toilets. All toilets are supervised and cleaned. You can find the exact locations on the map in the Festival Guide. We do not have a disposal structure for private camping toilets!

Trash deposit

No trash deposit will be charged at the be.tween Theatre Fest. However, each visitor will be given a trash bag on arrival - with the earnest request that they fill it and throw it into the containers provided when they leave. Please leave your camping area clean and collect all trash as well as every single peg you have sunk into the ground. The removal of the trash left behind not only causes our backache for our helpers after the festival, but also sometimes makes us shake our heads. Of course, it would be even better if you produced as little trash as possible.

Visitor-limited shows

The price of adult tickets (13 and over) includes access to one of the five visitor-limited evening shows in the circus tents and hangars. Once you've purchased a ticket, you will have to make a decision shortly before the start of the be.tween Theatre Fest and book one of the shows. You will be guaranteed a seat without having to wait in line for the show. If there are still seats available on site in one of the other visitor-limited shows, you may be lucky enough to see another visitor-limited show.


You can fill your water canisters and water bottles with tap water free of charge at the Showertower as well as on many other water taps on the site.