Testing concept of the be.tween theatre festival

With the new experiences of the first Plan:et C festivals on the grounds of the Kulturkosmos behind us, we present to you here the testing concept of the be.tween theatre festival:

The events of the be.tween theatre festival will largely take place outdoors and will be limited to 3000 adult tickets and 400 children's tickets. We assume that a combination of a current, negative rapid test, a PCR test on arrival and a mask requirement at the shows in the indoor venues will provide sufficient protection against infection for all guests.

Own PCR laboratory

For the Fusion Festival, we as Kulturkosmos developed an innovative strategy of PCR mass testing for all contributors back in the spring, which was designed to accommodate an event with 35000 people under pandemic conditions. In the course of planning for the Fusion Festival, we bought a mobile high-performance laboratory for PCR diagnostics. Since May, we have been operating a test station in Lärz, where we have carried out PCR tests for the public in addition to citizen tests. Based on our laboratory, we have adapted our testing strategy to the new event concept of Plan:et C with 10000 visitors and the be.tween theatre festival with 3000 visitors.

All employees have been PCR tested twice a week since mid-May. Regular testing is tracked by electronic registration. The link to the digital access authorisation to the food ensures that the test cycles are adhered to.

Supporters arriving in advance will be tested on arrival, as will all staff. Crews, supporters and artists who arrive at the festival are tested in the same way as visitors. When dealing with suppliers and service providers, masks are compulsory for them and all persons who have to deal with them.

Arrival with rapid test certificate

In order to minimise the risk of infection on arrival, in cars and buses, at the test stations, waiting areas and at the entrance, we ask all visitors to take a rapid test before departure. A rapid test certificate (maximum 24 hours old) of all ticket holders (also children & youth tickets) is required for check-in. We will check the rapid test certificate upon arrival.

If you are travelling from Berlin, please take your quick test here: https://test-station.berlin/between

Free PCR tests for all

For the arrival of the guests, a swab station will be set up in the outdoor area of the event site: The swabs will be linked to a paper admission wristband via QR code. In addition, guests will receive their festival wristband directly. After the PCR swab, the guests can go to the camping areas and also directly to the festival grounds to stay outdoors. In the meantime, the results will be evaluated and the guests can scan their QR code themselves via App or at central scanner stations on the festival grounds to check their test status.

There will be age-appropriate PCR testing for children from the age of 3 and so parents will need to provide their children's details prior to ticket download.

Test times for the PCR swab

Friday, 10 September: 10:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday, 11 September: 10:00am - 9:00pm

Sunday, 12 September: no testing and therefore no arrival possible

Access to the festival area is only possible with a PCR test. Therefore, please take note of the PCR swab times when planning your arrival. Access to the camping site is already possible with a quick test.


In all indoor venues (Grand Palais, La Balena, Theatre, Tube, Luftschloss, Triebwerke and Cinema) masks are compulsory for all guests over 6 years of age in order to reduce the risk to a minimum. If all PCR tests are negative, we will lift the mask requirement if necessary. We will inform you about this at the venues. Until then, masks are compulsory indoors, in the entrance area, at bars and food stalls to protect you and the people behind the counters. Please keep to this rule! For the party in the evening in the Cabaret, access is only possible with an evaluated PCR test. So check your tests beforehand so that you can party there as safely as possible.

Check test result

We assume that our visitors, who from experience are characterised by a high degree of responsibility, will check their test results on their own responsibility via the app or at the scanner stations on the premises.

The necessity and usefulness of a contact tracing system was evaluated in detail. Since everyone present is regularly PCR-tested, all cases of infection are detected at an early stage and reported to the health department. Prompt and direct contact tracing is thus greatly facilitated and a digital tracing system would only be useful as a small component, if at all. In this context, we recommend the use of the Corona Warn app.

Arrival with the Bassliner

Travellers from Berlin and Hamburg are offered direct connections with the Bassliner. These have distinct advantages: they are cheaper, do not require changing trains and quick tests can be completed directly on departure. The number of people travelling by train should be reduced as much as possible.

Individual arrival by train

We encourage all those travelling by train via Neustrelitz to take a rapid antigen test prior to arrival. There will be shuttle buses from Neustrelitz to Lärz, masks are compulsory on the buses and the general rules of public transport apply.

Individual arrival with your own vehicle

All those arriving in their own vehicles are requested to take a rapid antigen test prior to arrival. On arrival in Lärz, the tickets of the vehicle occupants will first be scanned and their personal details checked. Afterwards, the PCR test will be carried out.


All crews and staff members are regularly PCR tested before, during and after the event. For this purpose, we always have access to the swab station in the immediate vicinity of our laboratory, within the premises. This also ensures a final evaluation and assessment.


Artists must take a rapid test before boarding the shuttle and are PCR tested on arrival.

What happens in case of a positive PCR test?

In the event of a positive test result, we will make the necessary decisions in consultation with the Health Department (Gesundheitsamt). During the set-up phase, if a case of infection occurs, the test intervals can be increased and, if necessary, individual work areas or all staff members can be tested daily.

If arriving guests test positive, their ticket will be blocked and the entrance fee refunded. We ensure that they and their contacts are safely quarantined. In consultation with the health department and depending on the situation, it will be clarified whether or how a return journey/collection can take place. If necessary, we have separate accommodation available in our guest house.

After the party

Even though we can guarantee a high level of safety due to the comprehensive testing and the obligation to wear masks in the indoor venues, we recommend all guests and contributors to observe symptoms in themselves after the return journey, to rather reduce contacts and to do a (quick) test after a few days.


before leaving: rapid test

admission situation: PCR test on arrival, AHA rules

on the festivalsite: no mask obligation outdoors, masks compulsory in indoor venues

afterwards: be attentive, test again after 5-6 days