Ticketing for the be.tween Theatre Fest has been extended.

You can place your ticket order here until August 27.

Day tickets for the be.tween Theatre Fest cost 70,-€ incl. VAT. The ticket price includes access to one of the visitor-limited show, as well as the possibility to spend the night after the event day at the camping. It is not possible to register for more than one festival day.


Day tickets for children from the age of 3 and before their 13th birthday cost 15,-€ incl. VAT, and are added on to the adult’s ticket in the order process. Only a reduced theatre programme is offered for children and they cannot be taken to indoor venues.

A cancellation of a paid ticket is not possible. Instead, all ticket holders will be able to swap event days with each other or sell their ticket at the Kulturkosmos Ticket:Börse from August 10. People who don't have a ticket can try their luck again from 10 August to get hold of a cancelled ticket.

Please refer to the be.tween Theatre Fest Ticket Area for more information and our FAQs.