Theatre Fest

Let us introduce: The be.tween Theatre Fest will take place for the first time on 03.09. :: 04.09 :: 05.09. :: 10.09. :: 11.09.2021 on the grounds of Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. and will offer a theatre programme for day visitors.

On five dates, be.tween invites 1500 guests each to celebrate a full day of theatre. Even though the at.tension theatre festival had to be postponed until next year (all info here), the late summer in Lärz will not pass by without theatre. The area, the network and above all the longing are too great not to let theatre take place within the bounds of possibility. It is too important to experience theatre live again as a place of exchange - between people and between this and other worlds and realities.

After this long phase of keeping our feet still, we are therefore bursting with joy to be able to present you with the new be.tween Theatre Fest, and with this, another great theatre programme. In concentrated form, we are creating a new In-Between Space. Together we want to celebrate an intensive day's portion of theatre, performance, circus, music, well-groomed craziness and unforeseen experiences between circus tents, Luftschloss, hangars and runways.

During the day, you can stroll around the large open-air area and discover a variety of shows from classic street theatre to intimate productions. In the evening, circus and theatre productions await you in the various circus tents and hangars, where you have to choose one of five shows. Afterwards, all day guests can come together for a brilliant outdoor production and dance into the night with live music.

The day ticket also includes the opportunity to spend the night after the day of the event at the adjacent campsite with a swimming lake. At the latest when the guests go home the next morning, the circus starts all over again for crew and artists.

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Helpers wanted.

Would you like to support us before or during the be.tween theatre festival?
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